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Red Buk готов к сотрудничеству с талантливыми дизайнерами и архитекторами, ориентированными на создании самых нестандартных и качественных проектов. Мы ценим креативный подход и оригинальные идеи и прилагаем все усилия, чтобы добиться поставленных целей в наилучшем исполнении.

С радостью рассмотрим любые, самые смелые Ваши проекты, и обсудим все этапы совместного творчества.





We devote ourselves to create furniture that you can call your own, your favourite.

  • Traditions
  • Creativeness
  • Technology
  • Archive

We do not call our staff "workers". They are truly masters that know which technologies are best practise. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, they can create furniture by hand too and that's why they are so flexible.

Every project begins from the Idea. That's why it is so important to have a staff of qualified designers. They can shape your Idea perfectly, missing no detail, and then give it to the carpenters.

Not the tools themselves, but how we use them is important. It's not enough to have powerful computers and high-tech machines - it is important to bind them all into one functional system. We are proud not only of our equipment but also of the way we use it.

We don't sell furniture, we create comfort. You can ask us everything about your project, and even after many years, thanks to our archive, we can get any information you need. The wood, components of our product, color and type of varnish - we have any information to repair anything or to create another example of your favorite furniture.


Our client comes to us with an Idea of comfort and we give him an implementation. This is the essence of our craft, everything else is just details.


Last years people's sense of style has evolved. The useless chase after ostentatious luxury has gone, and we don't trust false authorities anymore. We have learned to listen to our feelings when choosing furniture. We've learned to choose what is comfortable and reliable not just what looks expensive. We now know that everything is about details not the wrapper.
With all these changes we came to the Idea of "RedBuk". The Idea to create furniture for generations. To create interiors that would be not only stylish but also comfortable. The Idea of letting people feel the product not just choose furniture from the catalog, being only able to evaluate it by the photo and the advertisement text.

Every project begins with the Idea. We put great effort into implementation of this Idea and do our best to pay attention to every detail of it.

Our philosophy is based on tradition, creativity and technology. Only with respect to the past, understand the present and look to the future we can create it for you to aspire to every person: a feeling of comfort.