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Red Buk готов к сотрудничеству с талантливыми дизайнерами и архитекторами, ориентированными на создании самых нестандартных и качественных проектов. Мы ценим креативный подход и оригинальные идеи и прилагаем все усилия, чтобы добиться поставленных целей в наилучшем исполнении.

С радостью рассмотрим любые, самые смелые Ваши проекты, и обсудим все этапы совместного творчества.






Our philosophy is based on tradition, creativity and technology. Only with respect to the past, understand the present and look to the future we can create it for you to aspire to every person: a feeling of comfort.


The sense of style

In recent years, a sense of style Russian man survived a big change. Gone pursuit of luxury, a false confidence in the authorities, the desire to put the wealth on display. We have learned to trust your instincts in choosing household items. We began to choose what is convenient and reliable, and not something that looks expensive. We realized that the status shown in detail, not in a wrapper.

Furniture for centuries

With these changes has come and the idea of ​​"Red Book". The idea to create furniture that would serve several generations. To create interiors that are not only stylish, but also comfortable. The idea to give people the opportunity to experience a live product and not choose the furniture catalog, trusting the advertising photos and the text.

The modern manufacture

We have assembled a team of professionals and equipped with modern production equipment, to create furniture, surrounded by which people want to live. Which pleasure to use, which would like to pass on to their children, which allows you to truly feel at home.

We are widthly open

Our factory is always open to visitors. We make no secret of the production. You can come and appreciate the product at any stage of the creation: to open the cabinet door, sit in a chair, a cup of coffee at the table. We offer you "try on" products: personally make sure you feet a suitable height and packing quite comfortable. The thing you need to feel before you make a part of your home.

The uniqueness of each product

The process of manufacturing the two things can not be the same: they are made for different people, for different needs. In the discussion, we do not just listen to the wishes: we create the technology for you, which will forever remain in our archives. Even after years, you can contact us, to create a favorite for a couple of things or fix the damage. Our masters will know what type of wood, paint color and detail used in the creation.